Prize-winning Apprentices

t13550Apprentices who were awarded prizes by the Gas Plant Manufacturers Development Council received them from Mr C Robson. These awards were made for progress in studies.

From L-R are: A.P. Collett, I.R. Sutherland, D. Berry, R.D. Wray, Mr C. Robson, T.J. Hickman and B. Ingledew. Another apprentice, J.F. Watson was unable to be present when this photograph was taken. Ashmore Benson and Pease c1955.

Photograph and details courtesy of Glenn Hutchinson.

1 thought on “Prize-winning Apprentices

  1. Within ten years if they stayed with the likes of Ashmores, Power Gas and Whessoes, they people would experience a revolution in gas making, in which Teesside was leading the way.

    Gas was being made from light oil, naphtha at high pressure, rather than dirty old coal at atmospheric pressure.


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