Stockton Harriers Sprinter, Ken Morris

A photograph showing Ken Morris, the Stockton Harriers sprinter in the early 1950s. Ken ran for Stockton Harriers along with other sprinters Brian Cox, Ken Smith and Ken Rhea.

Photograph and details courtesy of Len Nicholson.

5 thoughts on “Stockton Harriers Sprinter, Ken Morris

  1. Is there any archive of results for the 4th annual open cross country meeting at Stockton Race Course on 21 November 1953? I have a copy of the entries signed by Len Eyre.


  2. Sorry to see the sad passing of Ken Smith who was one of the Stockton Harrier’s 4 + 100 yds. relay team in the fifties along with Ken Morris, Ken Rhea & Brian Cox.


  3. They were tough competitions in those days they were also tough competitors as I know my late wife Marie Kennedy cycled to Richmond to compete in her race. Another famous Australian Athlete who they competed against was Marjorie Jackson.


  4. Another local sprinter of that period was Sweatie Jackson of Stillington, who was said to have beaten E Mcdonald Bailey, I would think it would have been a handicap race as that is what used to happen in the ladies events. I know my late wife Marie Kennedy of Stillington competed against many of the top champions of this period for Stockton Harriers. They included Fanny Blankers Koen, the Dutch Olympic Champion, Shirley Strickland, Betty Cuthbert, Marlene Matthews, all Australian and Olympic athletes and others, and they always had a handicap start on these Champions. This was a wonderful experience for the young local athletes…


    • Very true Ben, they were handicap races mainly held at Feethams, Darlington, Brian Shenton was another top athlete of that time. The Whitsun Richmond Meet was a big event for the North East athletes who got good prizes if they won. Ken Morris came from Canada about sixteen years ago to compete in the World Veterans Games which were held at Gateshead International Stadium, some of the Australian female athletes you mention were there.


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