16 thoughts on “Bishopton Lane, Stockton c1985

  1. Does anyone know what the building was originally, when I was an apprentice, I was told to take an old neon controller out of the loft and bin it. I still have it, it is one that was used on cinema fronts


    • It was definitely Deans. Tony is my brother and my dad Ken Dean owned it. We also sold records and sold and repaired electrical goods and cycles. There was a train layout in one of the windows which Dad built and was “decorated” with Airfix kits! My mum, Margaret, managed the toy section and I helped out on some Saturdays when it was busy. We lived above the shop so dad was always “available” 24/7. Sadly neither of my parents are alive today but many great memories live on.


      • Hi Barbara,I vaguely remember Deans toy shop from my childhood,I seem to remember bare wooden floorboards and matchbox cars laid out on trestle tables towards the back off the shop and was the shop frontage (woodwork) painted a green colour with DEANS painted in either beige or gold above the windows? This is how I remember it but I could be wrong,however what a great shop for a young lad of five or six to visit.


        • Hi Andrew,
          Yes, the paintwork was green. I don’t have any of colour photos of the shop front (only of inside) but have black and white ones. From memory the name “Deans” was probably black but I’m sure it was on a beige background.
          The toy dept was at the back of the shop and you had to go down a couple of concrete steps to get to it. I think the flooring there was lino (could be wrong) and the display in the centre was a large area supported by a thick metal “meccano like” structure. It was covered with Matchbox, Corgi, toy soldiers, dolls, yoyos, Airfix, Lego and any other small and large toys you can think of. Lots of full shelves on either side and one small wall for the proverbial Christmas annuals!
          I think the front of the shop was wooden floor boards. The left hand side as you went in was where the records were sold – singles, EPs (extended play), LPs (long play) and even 78s – I still have many of them in my collection.
          The right hand side was Dad’s domain – Triang, Hornby, lightbulbs, batteries, TVs, radios, irons, cycles, spares etc and repairs; at a push I could probably build you a cycle wheel from scratch but I doubt it would be safe!!!!
          Then on the run up to Guy Fawkes night there was a large selection of fireworks!!!!!!!
          Only memories now but thanks for the opportunity to reminisce.


          • Hi my name is Alan Davis and recently completed a model of Stockton Station and the Queens Hotel. Do you have any photos of Ken Deans Shop as I am modelling that set of shops on Bishopton Lane. Appreciate any help
            Alan Davis


      • Hi Barbara I am modelling the shops that included your Dads shop Deans, I remember it fondly from my childhood. Can you tell me if the building was a two or three storey building, and the address if possible as no photographs to show which the actual shop was. I think it was next to the Leeds Hotel and a three storey and number 41 Bishopton Lane. If you do have a photograph of the shop it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Alan Davis


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