Pupils from Westbury Street School, Thornaby

This photograph shows some of the pupils from Westbury Street school in Thornaby. I’m not sure of the date, must be before 1951 or so, I’m sure somebody will correct me! I wonder how many are still around nowadays, it would be nice to hear from someone.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Vincent.

7 thoughts on “Pupils from Westbury Street School, Thornaby

  1. My Dad attended Westbury School from about 1947-1957 ish He was born in 1943 so I reckon those dates would be correct. His name is Raymond Walker. Does anyone here remember him? He’s still alive and kicking and still living in Thornaby.


  2. Yes, Gordon Houldey and Charlie Wright are both on the photo. Gordon is in the 2nd row from top and 2nd from left. Charlie is on the bottom row 2nd from left.


  3. Verified by John Preston:
    Yes that is me (centre, back row). The Teacher is Mrs. Henderson, I attended Westbury Street junior school from Sept. 1947 to July 1953


  4. I think it is my uncle, John Preston in middle, back row and he’s still in good health and good looking! He is living in San Francisco (and Austria) with his gorgeous wife Rita. As I’m in AUS, I am checking verification with relatives.


  5. John – would Gordon Houldey and Charlie Wright be on this photo, they both worked with me but at different works and different times. They would be about 4 to 5 years younger than me and I started work at 16 in 1953, if that helps?


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