6 thoughts on “Staff at Stephenson Hall, Billingham c1969

  1. Just found these photo’s of good old Stephenson Hall, & found them very interesting indeed. I thought my memory was bad, but was able to come up with a few more names. Still wracking my brain for a few missing names. Not 100% certain of first names or even all of names below,

    4th row:- L to R- 1. Ian Jones. 2-Jack Orchel. 3- Alan “Wacka” Weallans. 4- Jim McCourt. 5- Mr Elliot. 6- John Heron.
    3rd Row:- L to R. 1-Arthur/Alan Coates.2-Tom Lonsdale.3-Roger Atkinson.4- French teacher Mr Algie/Elgie (not sure).5- Mr Booth: 6-???
    2nd Row:- L to R 1 2 3 4 Don’t know 5th lady (nxt to Pauline Jasckson) maybe Miss McConnel? (not sure) 6- Pauline Jackson (married Jack Orchel). 7-Mrs Till (art teacher)- 8-unknown. 9- Mrs Hudson? (Not sure, but was PE)
    Front Row:- L to R-1-Can’t remember her known name but she became Mrs O’Connor after marrying metalwork teach. next 2 ladies unknown, 4-Fred Chapman- 5-Mr Bill Summers- 6-Mrs Basset- 7- maybe Miss Butcher?? (not sure) – 8- unknown. 9- Miss Ault.

    I know I’m late looking in, but would be good to learn the missing names. Anymore photo’s would be welcome too.



  2. A recent little snippet in The Northern Echo mentions a Mrs Gail Campbell from Sedgefield who taught biology at ‘a Billingham secondary school’ after graduating from Hull University . She married Ian Campbell on the 3 August 1968 but may well have taught under her maiden name which sadly is not given ?


  3. I know four of the teachers in this photo, three of them taught me, the other joined Stephenson Hall just before I left school.

    Second row from the back at the extreme left is Alan Coates, I only attended his classes on an occasional basis so I didn’t know him too well.

    In the front row, fourth from the left is Fred Chapman, when I was at school he was the science master and a terrific teacher, he made everything interesting.

    Fifth from the left in the front row is Mr Summer, he replaced Mr Golightly as headmaster after I had left school, he never taught me even though he was at the school before I left,

    Sixth from the left in the front row is the brilliant Mary Bassett, she had a magical way of drawing her pupils into her lessons, I remember once we were reading from a story that featured Americans, it was possibly Huckleberry Finn, she asked us to imagine we were the people in the book and speak as they would have done and not just read the text in a monotone, she said to me “Can you speak in an American accent?”, I said “No, I can only do a Billingham accent”, she said “That it was fine as she thought it a delightful accent”, delightful is not a word I would use for any Teesside accent, flat vowels, dropped H’s and the ends chopped off certain words make it somewhat less than musical.

    One thing about the picture did tickle me, it is the fine array of handbags pushed under the seats, I have taken many group photos over many years and that is a very basic mistake to make, that and having lamp posts growing out of peoples heads.

    The extreme youth of some of the teachers is incredible, I started at Stephenson Hall in 1958 and the only young teachers were Margo Landells , Olive Round and Ian Barker biology, sports and woodwork respectively, most of the teachers were at least in their 30s and some were definitely middle aged.


    • I remember Miss Landells and Miss Round.I think Miss Round became Mrs Raine,about 1961. Miss Landells must have been very young. I saw her in Boyes in Billingham town centre, about 1971/72, and she didn’t look a great deal older than me!


  4. I remember a lot of the teachers but still struggling with some of the names.
    Will keep trying.
    Please keep the photos coming.


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