Class Photograph, Final Year at Richard Hind

Mr Olver was the Headteacher on the left and the famous Ikey Moses on the right. Back row; Norman Stephenson, Nigel Bond, Colin Brewster, Billy Wrenick, Malcom Amos, Ian Pirie, Leonard Fawcett, Eric Short, Barry Hewitson.

Next row down; Christine Collinson, Grace Cane, Paula Ballentine, Janice Peters, Carol Murphy, Victoria Porteous, Sandra Johnston.

Next row down; David Williams, Linda Booth, Jill Moody, Marie Wilson, Elinor Smith, Wendy Wood, Dawn Chambers, Jean Calvert, Donald Johnston. Bottom Row; Stuart Fellows, John Dale, Alan Dickinson, Jimmy McConnel, Geoffrey Steele, Brian Ostle. Sorry for those names that I may have spelt incorrectly..

Photograph and details courtesy of Ian Pirie.

20 thoughts on “Class Photograph, Final Year at Richard Hind

  1. My older brothers and sisters went to Richard Hind primary school, Patricia, Paul, Frank and Christine Wase, between around 56 – 69. Does anyone have photos of this time, I’d love to see some


  2. I think this must have been my year group when I was in Richard Hind Primary school. I am not in the picture as my parents had transferred me to Hartburn Primary at the end of the Infant stage of education, believing Hartburn to be the ‘better’ school. The pupil’s names all ‘ring bells’ and some of them I rejoined at Richard Hind Secondary. If I then remember correctly, this picture must have been July 1959.
    Ian Pirie I remember well, name, face and even voice as he was in my class through secondary school. I can recall seeing Mr Moses shouting then running across the boys playground, hair flopping across his face and then him sweeping it back several times with his right hand as he approached the boy at the centre of his attention. At that stage of my Infant career, Mr Moses was elevated in our corporate class mythology to the status of a tyrant, more to be feared than Mr Olver.
    The names of the boys all all click memories more so than the girls, but three girls names stand out as I suspect I came across them when a little bit older. Dawn Chambers, Wendy Wood and Grace Cain. Grace was the middle daughter of Frank Cain, the headteacher of Stockton Grammar School from 1955 or 56 until the 1970’s taking on the headship of the school following my father’s time there from 1951. The Cains moved into ‘our house’ in Linden Avenue when my father took on the headship of Grangefield Grammar as the Linden Avenue house was ‘tied’ to SGS, and therefore the headteacher only paid rent while in the job.
    Throughout my young teenage years I always hoped that one day I would marry Grace. She, like me, was a rebel. I last heard of her as married and living in Skipton.


    • Well what a blast from the past. I have the same photo. I have lived in Silsden, very near Skipton, for the past 30 years. I remember both Mr Moses and Mr Oliver.


      • Hi Grace, good to hear from you.
        I didn’t realise, until I saw this picture, that you had joined the class I left at RH juniors. Hope my comment above didn’t embarrass you too much, but your bright personality and daring was infectious and certainly captured my heart at the time. Quess it was the ‘middle of three’ syndrome that was the link… we had to rebel to be noticed..
        Hope you and your family are well and safe.. .. love to hear what has happened to you over the last 55+ years.. (wow…55 years) ..can be accessed at


        • I remember Miss Wandsworth, class 7. She taught me how to knit, I made a hot water cover – well I tried. Miss Foster, class 8 she used to hit us with a ruler. Mrs Lewis class 9 was the remedial teacher, who also taught embroidery. Mr Moses, well he was the best, a great teacher. Mr Oliver, the only thing I remember about him was, he used to go to different classes and fire out mental arithmetic sums. Happy days. My email address is


          • Hi Grace, I recognize your photo and name, I think i may have been a year behind you and am remembering you from senior school? I was only at the juniors in Mr Moses class. My maiden name was Hewgill. Just nice to see a familiar face.


            • Christine, your name does sound familiar, I’m sorry I can’t put a face to your name. Where are you on the photo? I went onto Richard Hind Secondary Technical School for Girls – doesn’t it sound posh, I wish – after I left the Junior School.


          • Grace, thank you for your kind comments about my father, Alan Moses.It’s really comforting to know how much he was liked. Sadly, he died in December 2019 following a short illness. He was 94, and had enjoyed a good life.

            Out of interest, are you related to Paul Summersgill whom I remember from Grangefield in the late 60s?


            • I shouldn’t think we are related to Paul. My husband, Keith’s family are from the Skipton area. Your dad was a special man, he made a great impression on me.


  3. Thanks for posting this. I’m Ikey (Alan) Moses’ son. He’s still around at 93, & will be pleased to see this. He was later the headmaster at Hartburn Primary for many years.


  4. Hello Ian – you probably won’t know me, my name is Dave Jones I went to Bowsfield Lane school then later Primrose Hill on Durham Road, the name Barry Hewitson rings a bell. Did he live at number 4 Bickersteth Street in the late 50s early 60s because I lived at number 1 just at the bottom by Whitehall terrace. I’m in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex now but I seem to remember a family called Hewitson living at number 4. I’d appreciate your comment thank you


    • Barry Hewitson is my dad’s cousin. My dad is Jeffrey steel. Barry lived at 36 Richardson Road. I got my dad’s address wrong he lived on Sadberg Avenue. Mosely was… strange, apparently


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