Great Aunty Mary Umpleby

This is my favourite photograph of my Great Aunty Mary Umpleby (known as Polly). The Umpleby Family owned three farms in the area one being California Farm. Does anyone remember Polly?

Photograph and details courtesy of Jacqueline Lewis.

12 thoughts on “Great Aunty Mary Umpleby

  1. In the 1940s, a young boy called Umpleby attended the National School, George Street, Thornaby, was it a Raymond Umpleby?


    • I do know Tom archer Umpleby and his brother Henry Umpleby and also his son Tom Archer known as Toger worked in the brick works. Young Toger died at 16 from Tuberculosis


  2. My Grandmother Doris Branson (nee Bell), knew Polly Umpelby when she delivered the mail. My Grandmother’s family the Bells also had a farm in Redmarshall & Carlton & I think one somewhere else in the region. The Graveyard at Redmarshall church is filled with Bell’s & Umpleby’s. Polly may even be buried there. My partner June Umpleby, is related somehow, If you have never been to the church at Redmarshall, it’s interesting.

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    • The Carlton House farm belonged to the Thompson family, they also had one on Yarm Back Lane near the M.O.D., Mary Bell used to have that farm. The Thompson family also have a big family grave in the graveyard at Redmarshall church.


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