Billingham South Junior School c1954

Mr Matthews class, 2nd year juniors, was taken c1954. Fortunately I listed the names of my classmates on the back of the photo otherwise I would have been really struggling for names. My apologies to the girl on the front row, 3rd from the right whose name I omitted from my original list. Sorry! Perhaps someone can fill in the gap.

With apologies for any misspellings.
BACK ROW: Brian Gibson, Leonard Hodgson, Leonard Partridge, Tony Guthrie, Jeffrey Carr, Keith Sedgwick, Peter Sanderson, Richard Baker, Roger Reay.

2nd BACK ROW: Roy Smith, John Lake, John Hutchinson, David Joseph, Leslie Rowe, Bill Gutteridge, Stewart Foster, Ted Catchpole, Trevor Davies.

2nd FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Weaver, Ann Barker, Pamela Dixon, Christine Stubbs, Andrea Tucker, Thelma Pooley, Ann Hutchinson, Christine Sowerby, Hazel Tinkler, Jean Hauxwell, Pauline Goodwin, Lyn Bowman.

FRONT ROW. Hilary Restall, Maureen Dodd, Edna Tomlinson, Barbara Patterson, Pat Dixon, Jaqueline Wissen, Mr (Peter?) Matthews, Mr Bagley (Head), Margaret Tierney, Brenda Redhead, Carol Griffiths, ?????, Maureen Besford , Jane Barker.


5 thoughts on “Billingham South Junior School c1954

  1. Would anyone be interested in an informal recorded conversation over a coffee about their experience at Billingham South school? Currently researching the school as it moves closer towards its 100th birthday. Interested in how the school, teaching, curriculum, discipline and life chances of its pupils has changed over time. Also interested in any photos I could have via email. Many thanks


  2. Can’t help with the missing name I’m afraid. Roger Reay and Ted Catchpole were in the same class as me at Henry Smith’s in Hartlepool from 1958, as were several others who’d been to Billingham South who aren’t in this photo. (I went to B’ham North.)


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