St Gerard’s School Football Team c1955

A photograph showing the Football Team from St Gerard’s School, Haverton Hill c1955. I do believe we won a game but cannot recall the name of our opponents, or if indeed it was just a dream…

Back row (l-r); Mr D Carroll (best teacher ever), Terry Lavery, Terry Callaghan, Cecil Crinnion, Petter Nugent, John Waller, Micky Daniels. Headmaster Mr Morrisey.
Front row (l-r); Frankie McGrogan, Tony Crinnion, Charlie Kennedy, Billy McGreal, Frankie Kennedy.
Nice to see old photographss of Haverton Hill to remind us of how things used to be.

Photograph and details courtesy of Cecil Crinnion.

4 thoughts on “St Gerard’s School Football Team c1955

  1. I have just seen a post on Stockton pictures, of St Gerard’s school junior football team and they did in fact beat Preston school my apologies to Philip Hill. I cannot recall the senior team winning a game though.


  2. I was at Preston primary school (Eaglescliffe) and remember playing against Haverton Hill 1955/56. I remember because it was about the best performance I ever had as your team was rather good.


    • Are you sure it was st Gerard’s and not Haverton Hill school? Would love to think we where quite good though, I believe the only thing we where really good at was trying.


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