7 thoughts on “Durham Road, Wolviston c1976

  1. Sorry Bob, But Bradley Farm is in the opposite direction to the photo. Mr Moreland lived in the house by the telegraph pole on the left hand side.
    He gave me a reference when I applied to university which was successful. The Stainthorps moved to Worsall near Yarm I believe from information gleaned from Picture Stockton. Thanks for your concern.


    • Tony, George Stainthorp Snr and his wife Mary retired to Junction Road Norton opposite the William Newton School. His son George Jnr had the farm at Worsall now being run by his son.


    • Tony can you remember the joiners and builders name just before Bradley Farm as you cut through the opening from the High Street? I worked with a joiner who used to work for them. Eventually I think they may have been taken over by Fletchers of Norton (Builders) or this joiner was loaned out to them.


      • Hi Bob,
        Hope you are well. The joiners yard you were interested in was owned by a gentleman called Bart Atkinson who was the local undertaker. Many a coffin was made there. His son Gordon farmed at Blue House Farm Newton Bewley.


        • As a child I used to pop in here with horse racing bets for my gran Betty Wright who lived at the Mount facing the Green. A sideline for ”Uncle” Bart


          • Well I never!!! Bart Atkinson as “Turf Accountant” as “bookies” were known, back in the day. As an undertaker as well I supposed he well knew the saying ” Above and below the turf all are equal”.


  2. In the distance you can see the top of a gable end above a building, this would be Bradley Farm, on Durham Road which belonged to my mothers cousin George Stainthorp. He also owned a house in the block on the right hand side where the white gable end is shown. He had it rented out to my old Head Master Mr Morland at the Frederick Nattrass junior school.


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