Roseworth Infant School c1956/57

This photograph was taken at Roseworth Infant School c1956/57.

I can’t remember the teachers name and only one or two pupils. Back row, 5th boy from the right, Paul O’Keefe. Middle row, 6th from the right Heather. Front row, 3rd from left Wendy, 5th from left Hazel ?, 2nd from right me (Susan Rawe), 4th from right Carol Thornton. Does anyone remember the others?

Photograph and details courtesy of Sue Murray.

8 thoughts on “Roseworth Infant School c1956/57

  1. Had a childhood crush on Ann Carling when she was 16 at Roseworth Secondary Modern School. I was 13 and was afraid to ask her out.


  2. I started this school in 1961. I thought this teacher was called Miss Harles (not sure about the spelling but it was pronounced the same as Charles without the C)?
    Other teachers I remember were Miss West, Miss Johnson and the Headmistress Miss Bales.
    Classmates I remember were Anthony Booth, David Wood, Ian Southall, Howard Opie, Elaine Eden, Caroline Vittles (?), Kevin Brophy, Paul Douglas, David (?) Trueman, David Kerr. Anymore out there?


  3. Mrs Poad’s class 1956/7….Back row, left to right: Graham Arthur, David Hall, Tony Farr, Michael Hope, David Topp, Robert Walker, Paul O’Keefe, Vernon Alderton, (?), Eric Howe, Michael Thomas.
    Middle row, left to right: Keith Smith, (?), Julie Baron, Brenda Wade, Ann Carling, Julie Smith, Linda Duckers, Heather Newman, Christine Palfreeman, Elizabeth Carr, Shirley Bilton, Barbara Dickinson, Keith Noble.
    Front row, left to right: Denise Appleton, Pamela Notman, Wendy Robson, Jillian Jackson, Barbara Brophy, Valerie Walls/Massey(me), Margaret Plowman, Carol Thornton, Pamela Wilson, Susan Rawe, Jaqueline Taylor.


  4. Hi my lovely Dad Tom Leggett was caretaker at Roseworth infants and juniors but unfortunately I can’t remember what years he was there. I went to Redbrook with my younger Sisters Eileen and Kathleen.


  5. Not me on the back row Bob, this was not our class. Top row possibly has Peter Raybould (3rd L), Dave Topp (5th L), Graham Arthur (Ist R) David Eardley (3rd R) – middle row far left may be Kenneth Ayre – was the teacher Miss Powell, also think our teacher in 1st year Roseworth infants may have been Miss Drummond.


  6. Looks like Ernie Oglesby in front of ‘Miss’, back row has Michael Hope, Dave Topp, Rob walker, Paul O’Keefe, Vern Alderton and maybe Dave Summerfield. Front Row, Barbara Flounders, Beryl green, Maureen Mansell, Barbara Brophy


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