4 thoughts on “Billingham South Infant School, 1953

  1. Would anyone be interested in an informal recorded conversation over a coffee about their experience at Billingham South school? Currently researching the school as it moves closer towards its 100th birthday. Interested in how the school, teaching, curriculum, discipline and life chances of its pupils has changed over time. Also interested in any photos I could have via email. Many thanks


  2. Hey Derek I remember your name and I think that is me on the middle row with no one behind me scruffy blond hair as it still is 65 years later, top picture infant school


  3. Hi Joe. I was in that year but not in that class at the time. Numbering from Top Right:
    1=Kevin Thompson, 2, 3, & 4 ???.
    Second Row Left: 5=?, 6=Tony Salmon, 7=Steve Harrison ( in Canada), 8=Michael ?, 9=Keith Webster (Ginner), 10=Tony Lodge, 11->15 ???.
    Bottom Row: ????.


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