4 thoughts on “Stockton Secondary School for Girls c1927

  1. All of them look quite sad. One wonders how many of these ladies were war widows or had lost the man in their life in the carnage of the First World War. This side of our glorious past tends to be forgotten. I recollect that when I was working in the Netherlands, in my final job, a youngish German said to me that no one in his class had grandfathers.


  2. My Grandmother went here and I have a photo taken about the same time, another similar group, I only know as I remembered the face of the lady in the middle at the front. I have a few such photos.


  3. The lady second from left on front row reminds me of Miss Heavisides, who was Head Teacher at Bowesfield Girls School in 1950`s, where I worked as School Clerk from 1954 to 1956.


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