9 thoughts on “Yarm Lane, Stockton c1985

  1. My friend John worked on the 1st floor of the building in 1985, the company he worked for was Trendsetters, they were a type setting company


    • Not sure what the dentist was called but I went to Fletchers. Think that was the name. I hated the gas mask. Always cried when it was over. Sandra Dover Rotherham formally of Thornaby


  2. Mr Simpson (& son/daughter?) when I went there, it’s on the corner of Yarm Lane & Shaftesbury St. I can remember the creaky front door, the reception hatch and nervous times in the waiting room on the ground floor where the bay window is, while the treatment rooms were in the more modern addition to the left. Think I just had a cold shudder 🙂

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  3. The dentists were Waldie, Wiggin and Brown. I went there from the age of 2 in 1949 and even for a couple of years after I’d left home in 1964. Mr Wiggin had a black toy cat on the mantelpiece and if we made a noise he said it was the cat squeaking. The receptionist was Miss Osborne.


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