Tom Archer Umpleby, Salvation Army

My great grandfathers brothers Tom Archer Umpleby (standing far left) and John (sitting far left) were Salavation Army members during the war. Unfortunately Tom died of tuberculosis when he was 25. The Umpleby Family had three farms in the area, California Farm and Primrose Hill, I can’t remember the other farm name.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jacqueline Lewis.


8 thoughts on “Tom Archer Umpleby, Salvation Army

  1. Mr & Mrs Umpleby were long-standing SA members, and when I was a Junior Soldier in the mid-late 1950s and into the 60s, they faithfully sat in the congregation every Sunday. Their daughter Joan became an SA officer, and married Colonel Lewis, and then soldiered at one of the Middlesbrough Corps. Connection here to the writer of this post, no doubt. Stuart Leed


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