Heavisides – The Gondolier

t6411Extract taken from Heavisides Almanac (part 2)…

‘Reaching now the last few miles of the river, I come to the end of my rambles, if one can ramble on the water. It is a bright afternoon, as the mater and I step on board a fine-lined steam yacht called the Gondolier, lying alongside a Stockton landing. At the appointed time, all being in readiness, our little vessel is soon speeding along in good style. Old Stockton is best seen from the river, and is said to be Dutch-like in character. Centuries ago history tells us the district traded a great deal with the Dutch, and our forefathers no doubt gathered many ideas from their intercourse with the Hollanders. We interestingly watch the movement of the numerous workmen busily engaged in the shipbuilding yards of Messrs. Craig, Taylor & Co., Messrs Ropner & Son and Messrs. Richardson, Duck & Co. Several leviathans are in the river nearing completion, and will soon proceed on their voyages to various parts of the world’.

Photograph taken with a No. 5 Poco Camera by Michael Heavisides.

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