2 thoughts on “Eggleston Terrace, Stockton c1985

  1. I lived in Egglestone Terrace from 1946 to 1976 . The house was rented . We had coal fires and a toilet down the yard . The house was always freezing but it didn’t seem to do us any harm . During the winter of 1963 we had ice on the inside of the bedroom windows . Trains went past at the end of the street and rattled our windows . Lots of lovely neighbours and a few characters . The day my Mum and I left for a modern flat , all the guttering at the back of the house fell down .


    • I used to live in Egglestone Terrace from 1971 it was a lovely area with good Neighbours, Victoria did you have a little mini car? Seam to remember a girl called Vicky who lived opposite us with Mrs Clough.x


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