Billingham Synthonia Scouts c1957

This is a photograph of Kestrel Patrol taken at our annual camp in Raby Park c1957. I think it was the day that our parents paid us a visit. In the back row from the left is me Malcolm Dunn (Patrol Leader believe it or not), John Donnachie and Chris Rhodes (my next door neighbour in Lomond Avenue).The names of those in the front row escape me.

Photograph and details courtesy of Malcolm Dunn.

3 thoughts on “Billingham Synthonia Scouts c1957

    • I’m fairly certain that the Scoutmaster was John McLean. Buddy Dale was at this camp and did all the cooking with the help of a duty patrol.


      • Front row left is me! Years later John McLean became the Group President and when he was called to higher service I became his successor as President. John Taylor


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