Billingham Synthonia Stadium, Central Avenue

Photographs taken in 2019 of the Central Avenue football ground, the home for many years of Billingham Synthonia. As you see the advertising hoarding and the gates are still standing, but no trace of the cantilever stand. When this stand was built in 1957 it was the longest stand of its type in the country. The pitch is a mass of weeds and sadly the goal posts are still standing waiting for a game which will never be played…

Photographs and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

4 thoughts on “Billingham Synthonia Stadium, Central Avenue

  1. Very sad, I remember going down there as a child in the early 70’s when we lived at Langdale Road. Also the bonfires and fireworks displays in November. Progress Ayh?


  2. I used to play bridge at lunchtimes in the Synthonia club while working in ICI R & D, and practised cricket in the nets – 1969-72.


  3. When I worked at ICI, had to do PE there once a week. Saw the Benelux games there, and even had school sports day there. What a sad end.


  4. Yes, very sad. I went to the South Modern School and we used to have our sports day there. I also took Gymnastic classes run by Al Heart in the Gym behind the Stadium. Joining Teesside sucked the available cash out of Billingham but then, the loss of ICI sealed its fate. I remember the old Stadium which occupied the area were the Agricultural Div. Main Office car park was. The Stands had black corrugated steel cladding. I was 7 or 8 years old then. I live in Canada now but, Billingham will always be home.


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