12 thoughts on “The old Co-op Building, Stockton

  1. Which year did the Wellington Street branch close? It was such a lovely building. I remember having tea with my granny when I was a kid at the restaurant upstairs- she used to let me put the shilling tip on the saucer. Rather sadly (in 1974), we had a reception after her funeral.


  2. It was a crying shame that the beautiful old buildings on Wellington Street and Nelson Terrace (including the Tabernacle) were demolished to make way for the ghost shops of wellington square :/


  3. The Co-op butchers was on the corner of this building. I remember the black and white tiled floor covered with as much sawdust as a joiner’s shop! The glass fronted display cases kept shoppers’ hands off the unwrapped fresh meat, but not the flies!


  4. I worked for Stockton Coop from 1967 to 78 (TV Engineer) and from what I remember, the staff canteen was on the top floor of that building.


  5. My wife and I had our wedding reception upstairs here on the second floor 50 years ago, after our wedding next door in the registry office.


  6. The place grew from a butchers in about 1900 to a do everything store after WW2. Sadly by the early 1960’s, although it had a vast range of stock, the service and customer care was terrible. As newly weds and members we wanted bits for our house etc and were just left waiting; after an hour or so we walked out in despair and never returned.


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