7 thoughts on “St Gerard’s School, Haverton Hill

  1. My dad, who was born in 1921 grew up in Haverton Hill on Seaton Terrace. Does anyone know where it was…it was near Drake street, I know, but can’t find it on any maps.


  2. Hi Ada
    Your dad and mam were Bridget and Dixon who always made me feel welcome. He always tested my mental arithmetic by fire at me “How many beans make!!!!!” lol
    I think we have established that the girl front left was Maureen Deary.


    • Hi Mary, nice to hear from you. Maureen’s was the only surname I couldn’t remember. Hope you and Paul are ok. Regards Ada


  3. Hi Folks
    I left England in 1966 so I am now out of touch somewhat. To the families of any of these friends who have died please accept my sincere condolences.
    I remember them all however a little uncertain of two names. The boy on the far right I think is a Terry or a Peter perhaps Nugent? The girl sitting front left I feel is Maureen Knighton? Gamble? Deery? Ward? lol I`m sorry a senior moment here.
    Take care Bernie


    • Hi Bernard, nice to hear from you. It’s been a long time since you used to come to our house to call on Jack, unfortunately he died 22 years ago. He also left England and moved to Spain and he was there 5 years before he passed away. That photo brings back such happy memories.
      Regards Ada


  4. Back row left to right: – Joe Knighton, Norman Finch, David Hamilton, Terry Walker, Jack Maddren, Bernard McGuill, Terry Coyle
    Front row left to right: – Maureen ?. Ada Maddren, Sheila McCauley, Jean Lyn, Sheila Kennedy, Joyce McManus


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