Mr Robertson and Mr Wilkie, Mill Lane Secondary School, Stockton

A photograph of two fantastic teachers from Mill Lane Secondary School on a summer day trip out to a local farm and taken around 1962/3 maybe.

I’m sure many ex pupils at that time will recognise them both. The teacher on the left is Mr Robertson who I believe took over as head. The teacher on the right is a Mr Wilkie who took us for art. I seem to remember he had a navy background during the war and told many interesting stories.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Moon.

5 thoughts on “Mr Robertson and Mr Wilkie, Mill Lane Secondary School, Stockton

  1. Two brilliant teachers, ‘Pop’ Wilkie’s advice changed my life. He saw potential where others dismissed us as factory fodder. Through I left school at 15 he encouraged me to go to night school then university.


  2. Dear all. Just to say a big thank you for posting my photo and hope it generates some ongoing interest and comments. Best wishes David Moon.


  3. Yes remember them both very well great teachers and good people. Mr Robertson taught Science and Mr Wilkie Art until I left school in 1963. I remember Mr Wilkie’s war stories particularly the one about the Battle of Narvik in Norway


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