Unknown Stage Production c1950s

This photograph shows my mother, Enid Pallant (nee Moss) – fourth from right – in a stage production, probably with Stockton Stage Society, of which I know she was a frequent performer in plays and musicals.

I suspect it dates from the 1950s. I have no more information, I’m afraid, but would be interested to see if anyone can shed some light on it.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mark Pallant.

1 thought on “Unknown Stage Production c1950s

  1. I was interested to see this photograph, Mark, but I doubt whether it would be of Stockton Stage Society. They have always produced musicals and this looks like a straight play. In the 1950’s SSS did, Yeoman of the Guard, Merrie England, The Quaker Girl, Desert Song, New Moon etc. [taken from a complete list of their productions]. It is more likely to be a production of The Masquers or Stockton Amateur Drama Group, both active in the 1950/60s. I was a member of the latter in 1962, where I met my future husband in a production of Waters of the Moon. Both performed their productions in the Little Theatre, [now demolished] in Dovecot Street opposite the Hippodrome.


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