8 thoughts on “Painting of Stockton High Street

  1. A wonderful picture though missing the stalls in Dovecot Street others were in front of the Royal Oak Pub and in-between the bus stops either side of the High Street.
    I also remember the myriads of street houses without cars, the “O” bus from Norton Green every five minutes one way nearly always full of people going shopping and coming from North Ormesby the other way picking up along the way, many other busses from the Countryside villages around all coming in to shop.
    Yes at 91 I have nostalgia for times long gone although realise commercial centres need feet on floors, it the stall holders cannot make money they leave. After the market reduced in size the turn of the big shops high overheads taxes all have to be paid for and my last shopping spree in what I called Robinsons, a meal in the cafe, a pair of gloves a cap and some Christmas cards with around a dozen other people on the two floors I was on. It was never going to pay the rent.
    I am as guilty as any one this laptop I am writing on was bought online, my iPad, new fridge also online. A friend working in a large store tells me their main sales now are on line to be collected from the shop though home deliveries are taking over.
    Stockton High Street as I and many other people knew it has gone for ever, the new plans for it being an entertainment centre Offices and Housing will bring back small independent shops and businesses to cater for that. Stockton will go on and probably grow in a different way for people who never knew the past glory, it is as it has always been progress.


  2. Should be turned into a postcard. I wonder if dates from wartime or immediate postwar times when there was very little traffic. Can Mr Jones put a date on it?


  3. I remember the High Street as it is shown very well.

    My Mother used to work at ‘Robinson’s as a cook.

    We ( my brother & I) used to meet her on Saturday mornings, after going to the ‘minors’ at the ABC (the Globe).

    We used to go to the ‘American Comic’ stall near the ‘Shambles’ and buy Superman Comics et al

    Happy days


    • That was when Stockton had a market stretching the length of the High Street rather than clustered around the Town Hall as now.


  4. I knew Colin for many years and used to sell his paintings in my shop on a regular basis. I have several hanging up in my hallway


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