Two County Cricketers at Norton, 1949

This photograph was taken at Norton Cricket field in 1949. It shows my father Tom Birtle on the left with his good friend Jack Fox. Tom was an opening bowler and Jack (or Jackie as he was often called) was the wicket keeper. They combined to take many wickets for the Norton club over the years.

They both played Durham in minor counties cricket and in time they both played first class cricket Tom for Nottinghamshire and Jack for Warwickshire. Jack must have kept himself very fit as he was playing for Devon as late as 1968. He was a joiner and spent many years in Devon.

Photograph and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

6 thoughts on “Two County Cricketers at Norton, 1949

  1. I remember all those players and in my time watching them I had an autograph book with all their autographs in it. Wish I had it now.


    • On the photo of the Norton team who won the Kerridge cup on this page in 1964 one of the players is Brian Armstrong. A true gentleman.


  2. Remember them so well. I was a lad of 12 and walked miles to the cricket ground on my own,
    Got in free as I helped the scorers to put the tins on the board. Also a free tea with a chance of meeting with the players. I still love the game greatly and especially those treasured memories of real gentleman who always had time for a word … and a smile! Remember being told how the ball was once hit out of the ground and onto a railway truck… went as far as West Hartlepool we were told! What a six, if true! Great memories for this 83 year old to reflect upon. I now live in Knaresborough and would love to return one last time before I shuffle off! Will endeavour to do so…. God Willing. My sincere best wishes to all at Norton Cricket club and especially the kind person who brought back treasured memories of those formative experiences.
    Sincerely, Bob (Back then known as Bobby!) Jones.


  3. They may have known my father, Ken Sheraton, then who had a long association with the cricket club and would have been 20 in 1949. 🙂


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