The Royal Hotel and CW Laws, Stockton

t12961A photograph of the south end of Stockton High Street where the Castlegate Centre now stands.The view shows the Royal Hotel and CW Laws drapers (1899-1973). Note: Doggarts buildings reflected in a vehicle window on the right of the photograph c1930s.

Photograph courtesy of Eric Whitehouse and Stan Laundon

1 thought on “The Royal Hotel and CW Laws, Stockton

  1. Cannot claim to have had the last pint pulled as we did with the Customs House and the Greyhound but pretty close. We went in for a quiet game of Domino’s which usually ended in a fight as the odd Hard lad would come in trying to take the pot. More than once he would end up on the floor, it all added to the fun.
    That area was pretty derelict by the time it was knocked down, many years lack of maintenance had done the damage and the area behind those frontages were broken down cess pits. With a scarcity of cash do try and bring some life back it was a case of flatten it and build new as the cheapest way.
    So many Pubs and Hotels all with stories to tell have now gone and those still left changed beyond all recognition to us old lags. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing but my Grandchildren want more these days. I wonder what life in the High Street will be like after lockdown lifts?


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