Old Coatham Bridge c2020

I took these photographs on Saturday 4 July 2020 of the old Coatham Bridge on Durham Lane near Elton.

Photograph and details courtesy of Tony Cooney.

3 thoughts on “Old Coatham Bridge c2020

  1. I used to ride my 250 Suzuki across it twice a day in the early 70’s when I worked at Commodore on the industrial estate. That was when the A66 ended at the end of Durham Lane.


  2. We used to bike out from Fairfield to Old Chatham bridge or ‘Devils Bridge’ as we called it. I’m pretty sure the bridge wasn’t bypassed in the early years (talking 68- 74 ish). We also used to go into the woods behind Elton Hall (yeah I know ‘trespass’!) I remember there being a tomb in the woods fenced with railings. When we plucked up the courage to get close we found it contained the remains of a favoured horse.


  3. I can remember coming back after midnight from some function on a double decker bus and there were no lights on the road and that was in the 1970’s. Scary going over that narrow bridge


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