Thornaby Cricket Club c1970

A photograph of Thornaby Cricket Club first team circa 1970. The photo was taken at Darlington CC, team is as follows, back row left to right. George Bell, Ian Hunter, Harry McCewan, Benny Cross, Geoff Aston, Neil Pearson, front row left to right, Reggie Reece, Norman Toulson, Barry Smith (Capt), Billy Hornby (wicket keeper), David Mills.

Photograph and details courtesy of Neal Toulson.

9 thoughts on “Thornaby Cricket Club c1970

  1. Another piece of history Neal from Norman Toulsons past… If you look at the flag pole atop of the Stockton Town Hall, your dad and my brother Maurice Brown constructed the fabrication while working for Head Wrightsons Stockton Forge. Maurice was Normans apprentice at the time. It is amazing what memories come flooding back once you think about a subject.


  2. Thinking about the old days and your Dad Neal. All the young blokes at the Forge were going out with regular girl friends at about this time and Norman said to me I do not seem to have much luck with the girls Ben, I can not see me getting married… When Norman found his girl and married her that would be you mother Neal. Norman told me that on his wedding night he went to the bathroom to clean his teeth, and by mistake cleaned his teeth with his shaving cream. I hope Mam if she is still alive does not take exception to me telling you of this amusing incident. Norman was also the odd job man around the Thornaby Cricket ground doing all sorts of jobs to help the Club. An all round great man to have as friend.


    • Hello Benny
      I haven’t heard that story before, made me laugh. Unfortunately Mam (Dot) died about 5 yrs ago, before my Dad. She was very much his carer, because of his incapacity caused by a stroke, so she was sadly missed when she went. Thankfully they had a good long life together.


  3. Great photograph of the past Thornaby team Neal your father Norman Toulson should have been a Stockton player. I asked Norman to come along to Stockton CC as I was sure at the time he would become a top class spin bowler playing in the Inter Departmental team for the Forge. I was playing for Stockton CC at the time, about 1952, and was working alongside Norman as a Templatemaker apprentice at Stockton Forge works of Head Wrightsons, Norman was a plater (Boilermaker) at the time. We also Had Gus Williamson as an apprentice Boiler Maker playing for Norton, who went on to partner Frank Typhoon Tyson as opening bowlers in the Northants Team. We could field a full team of North Yorkshire and South Durham League players in the Forge Departmental Team at the time.Norman decided not to join Stockton after a few visits to the club as he thought they were bunch of stuck ups and did not feel comfortable. I followed Normans Career with great interest over the years and visited him on all my visits to Stockton , usually in the bar at the Thornaby Cricket Club , Norman had a long and illustrious career with Thornaby and Stockton CC do not know what they missed in recruiting a great spin Bowler.Norman was also a first class Darts player and a brilliant Table Tennis player. I was sorry to hear of his passing recently and offer my deepest condolences.


    • David Mills lived at #8 Balmoral next door to my G/parents (Bill and Mary Mothersill) at #10 which was were I was born in 1947 – due my Dad’s RAF and then overseas service I stayed with them quite a bit and got to know David fairly well, my cousin Marilyn Mustard lived on the other side at #6
      Colin M Crossley now living in Northallerton


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