HD BOUCH Shop Name, Yarm Road

HD BOUCH shop name has appeared on a building at 704 Yarm Road, Stockton-on -Tees. The former tattooist shop has had some work done to it revealing this name. Any clues who this person this and what business was conducted here?

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Southgate.

9 thoughts on “HD BOUCH Shop Name, Yarm Road

  1. Jack Bouch lived in Newsam Road, Eaglescliffe. He ran the antiques shop. His father was headmaster of Egglescliffe village primary school. I think at that time the shop included the corner part which is now a gents hairdressers. This part then became a cafe. In retirement he became a bit of a recluse with poor health. He told me he had been a merchant seaman and travelled the world. I presume his father had set up the antiques shop and Jack worked there.


  2. We have copies of Ward’s Directories for 1914-15 and 1917-18 but with no mention of this firm. So must be well after that time.


  3. In the later part of the 20th C it was a ‘car accessory’ dealers. Going further back in history it was a ‘blacksmiths’ forge; as indicated on the 1913 25″ to 1 mile Ordnance Survey map. When it was the car accessory dealers, parts of the interior were typical of a ‘Smithy’.

    If anyone has any details of who owned the Smithy back in the early 20thC I am interested to hear from them?


    • The Friends of the Stockton and Darlington Railway under took a ‘walking survey’ of the branch line route from Allens West Railway Station to Yarm Railway Station , the original one!, and have identified several interesting existing features as well as the more well known Allens West Cottage, Layfield House, the coal agents house, the now hidden coal cells and The Cleveland Bay public house. It is believed that this building, 702 – 704 Yarm Road, was indeed a blacksmiths workshop, smithy, and probably a stable too and were outbuildings attached to the pub itself.
      It is hoped that post-COVID both Historic England and Tees Archaeology will investigate the building as part of a Heritage Action Zone. Hoped!


  4. There was an antique dealer named J.H.D.Bouch who operated from an address of “Bank Top, Eaglescliffe” in the early 1950s. I think that this was a much larger premises, so maybe they moved into the nearby, smaller premises at 704 Yarm Road, sometime later.


  5. I believe H.D.Bouch was an antiques dealer around 1948 and 1953. Looking through Stockton’s heritage website I have found 2 posters(?) with H.D.Bouch (hopefully it lets me copy/paste links here):

    Click to access hippodrome_1948-3-29.pdf

    Click to access hippodrome_1953-09-07_wild_horses.pdf

    (Antiques by ” The Connoisseur,” Bishop Street, and \. H. D. Bouch, Bank Top, Eaglescliffe)
    (Antiques by J. H. D. BOUCH, Bank Top, Yarm)


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