MV Vanja

Photo one shows three men posing on MV Vanja, built on Haverton Hills shipyard. I suspect one of the three men to be my father’s very good friend, Frank McGee who lived at High Clarence. He is on the left in the darker coloured overalls, if indeed it is him?

The second photo shows my father Jack Cushin quite possibly on the same ship with my older brother Malcolm Cushin – An open day perhaps prior to launching?

Photos and detail courtesy of Neil Cushin.

3 thoughts on “MV Vanja

  1. Hi Both – I recall your dad as the nicest of men. He was never without a smile and infectious laugh. So pleased you confirmed it was your father. I have the fondest of memories from weekend trips to our caravan in Redcar with your dad and my own. I would play in the amusement arcades while they enjoyed a pint or two, always in the Royal pub. In particular, they would meet with the lads who owned and worked the Lady Maude, a traditional Yorkshire coble fishing boat. Amazingly, the Lady Maude still proudly sits on the prom exactly where it has done for so many years. Seeing her never fails to bring back memories, in my case, almost 60 years ago.


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