Joseph Norman Kidd

We’ve had some more sad news sent to us about another much valued contributor to this website. Joseph Norman Kidd passed away on 16th November aged 92 years. Over many years he contributed to the archive with stories of people and events, particularly related to the railway, that he experienced during his time living in Norton-on-Tees.

Our condolences go to his wife Joyce who told us the news and wished us all well in continuing to share people’s memories on Picture Stockton.

Here is a photograph first sent to us in 2007 showing Private J. Norman Kidd, No. 4 Squad, A Company, DLI Army Cadets, with a link to the original post where Norman shared his recollections of his time in the cadets.

8 thoughts on “Joseph Norman Kidd

  1. Very sad news indeed. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the history of Stockton and the surrounding area and his willingness to share them with us on Picture Stockton will be sadly missed. R.I.P Mr Kidd.


  2. So sorry to hear about Norman Kidd, My Condolences to his Family.
    Was there something in the water at William Newton School where we went on Parade, strutted our stuff and learned to be confidant, proud, but also rely on our comrades, many of us seemed to live to a good age.
    I do know that as with so many Cadets the five years I spent with “A” Company 8th Battalion D.L.I. before I went in the Army at 18 set me up to have a successful life and like Norman lived to put our memories on Picture Stockton. The saying goes “You can take people out of Stockton but you cannot take Stockton out of the people” we are a proud lot.
    Thank you for your memories Norman they will be preserved as part of the History of hard working and often hard playing people from Stockton we knew and loved.

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