He left Stockton a young lad and came back in uniform

A little bit of Stockton history… In 1928 a family emigrated from Stockton hoping to start a new life in Canada. The head of the family was Bill Hall along with his wife Mary (nee Connor) and their young son Billy. They finished up in a town called Sawyerville in the French speaking province of Quebec.

Billy wasn’t an only child for long as between them Bill and Mary had 11 children. In the 1980s we were told that family members could be found in every province of Canada. Before she left Stockton in 1928 Mary had her photograph taken with two of her sisters. Facing the camera on the left is Nora, Mary is in the centre with Betty sitting down.

The girls never expected to meet again but they did as Mary visited the area many years later in the 1960s. Mary was a great crafter and won many prizes in the local Cook County show.

The years went by and in 1944 young Billy Hall returned to the UK but this time in uniform. He must have cut a dashing figure as a member of the Royal Canadian Airforce. He was determined to do his bit for the old country.

In 1969 Billy, his wife and youngest daughter made a visit to this area. I met them and they all seemed very pleasant. We made several trips to the Billingham Bowl with them as they were very keen on ten pin bowling.

Photos and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

3 thoughts on “He left Stockton a young lad and came back in uniform

  1. Hi Janine, I think over the years our family tree is now a family forest. Betty was my gran whilst the other ladies were my great aunts . They all had plenty of personality.


    • Our family certainly took over Compton Street, Tilery on the 1939 register, because my grandfather’s sister Amy Clarke (nee Connor) also lived there at No 22 on the 1939 register.


  2. Mary, Nora and Betty Connor’s father was my Great Grandfather’s brother. They all lived in Compton Street, Tilery for some time. James Connor at 28 Compton Street and my Great Grandfather William Connor at 21 Compton Street. Great to see a photo of them.


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