The Maison de Danse sketch

Here is a drawing of a few girls chatting to a couple of American GIs outside of the Maison in 1945. Holy Trinity School is in the background. I am trying to recreate a rendezvous that most probably happened.

Sketch and details courtesy of Graham Wright.

1 thought on “The Maison de Danse sketch

  1. That is the Maison De Danse as I knew it although the Jeep and American Gi’s is to my knowledge imaginary. We had Canadian, Polish, though mainly British Troops in the Durham and Yorkshire area. Catterick Barnard Castle Brancepeth were all places I trained as an Army Cadet and never saw any Americans. That does not say there may have been a few with the Canadians at Goosepool.
    The Drawing does show an area and era long gone, at my age you begin to think you dreamed it all and the wonderful times we had at all the Stockton Dance Halls


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