Goliath Crane, Middlesbrough Dock Point Facility

During the 1970s, engineering companies were manufacturing the oil platforms for the North Sea. A pride of accomplishment when the finished modules were sent out on barges down the River Tees and out to sea. The workers involved in the construction of the rig and the movement of the parts by the crane “Goliath” to where they were needed. You might say that my passion for Goliath when I worked there and it’s sad to what it looks like now – reminds me of the song “Big River” by Jimmy Nail.

Photographs and details courtesy of Michael Hymer.

6 thoughts on “Goliath Crane, Middlesbrough Dock Point Facility

    • A sibling yes.
      With respect to the link above, the following information applies:
      In 1961, a 40-ton capacity “Goliath” was built by J.H. Carruthers and Company Limited to the order of Whessoe Limited for use in the construction of the two reactor pressure vessels at Dungeness nuclear power station.


  1. To be read in conjunction with the following articles on this site: Views from the Transporter Bridge 1983 and A View of the Transporter Bridge.


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