Staff at Head Wrightson

My dad’s name is Peter Fawbert and he is to the left of the photograph. He was born in 1943 and worked at Head Wrightson from being an apprentice until he was 30, so I imagine he was in his teens/early twenties when this photograph was taken, which would put it at around 1960-1970. I do know that he was a fitter and turner. The guy to the right is his friend Peter Such (I think that’s the correct spelling). They remained friends after leaving Head Wrightson.

Photograph and details courtesy of Meriel Fawbett.

15 thoughts on “Staff at Head Wrightson

  1. Staff who worked at Cork Insulation works situated nearby were allowed at lunchtime to use Heads Wrightson’s works canteen. What a godsend that place was to us especially in winter, with lovely food, plenty of tea and wonderful staff. Some 70 years ago a pattern maker there made me a small 3-duckets pigeon cote, It was a work of art stood 6 foot high on 4-legs, 3 shelves and welding-rod slatted fronts and highly prized by me, I can close my eyes and see it today in our backyard, thank you to all the Head Wrightson staff who played such a huge part in Thornaby history and growth and their children who attended local schools.


    • Les Kitchen (Kitching?) was an instructor in the apprentice school when I started my training in 1966. I am not 100% sure but I think he had just joined the school staff that year after moving from another part of Heads.

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      • He was a Boys Brigade officer in the 1st Thornaby Coy (later to become the 10th Teesside Coy). A position as an apprentice electrician was offered by him.


  2. I worked at Head Wrightson Teesdale in the late 60’s, at the same time as my father Bill Davis, my brother John Noble worked at the forge in Norton Road


  3. It is a conventional photo but it captures the atmosphere of working at Heads. I love the works of art lying on the bench in the background.. I was born in 1942 (in Scotland not Stockton) and left Newham Grange Secondary School, starting at HW in April 1957. I left in the summer of 1961 and soon afterwards moved to London where I have stayed ever since but have nephews and nieces still living in Billingham. Although I was at Heads for only a short time I could write a book on those four years. I didn’t know your Dad but the face of his friend rings a bell. Thanks for the photo Meriel.


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