St Mary’s Girls c1925/30

I believe this was taken during a concert or pantomine at St. Mary’s Girls School c1925/30. My aunt is sitting in the centre. I’m afraid I have no idea of the other girls’ names.
My aunt, Madge Moore, born in 1919 unfortunately died of Leukaemia in 1936. Her twin was Denny, her other brothers were Jim and Tom and her sister was Kitty, my mother.

Photograph and details courtesy of Kay Naylor nee Allinson now living in Leeds but still a Stockton girl at heart.

1 thought on “St Mary’s Girls c1925/30

  1. To Kay , I can’t help with other girls names, but my mother Mary Daly, said she was in a play at school, and was a good friend of Madge, I remember her telling me, her best friend Madge Moore, died of leukemia. Unfortunately I have no photo of my mother as a child, so I can’t positively identify her in the photo, my mam was born in 1919 and lived in Paxton Street. St,. Mary’s and Madge Moore, jumped out at me when I read it.


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