8 thoughts on “ICI Billingham Apprentice Intake c1972

  1. Hello Fred the picture you have is not the full intake of 1972 but I think it’s a picture of the group going to the outward bounds at Ingleby Greenhow run by ICI. I know a few names on the pic.


    • The picture will probably be of one or two trades taken together. I was intake of 1974 and our similar picture was taken with instrument artificers and fitters together.


  2. Hello Fred lovely to hear from you I was your Instructor Mick Armstrong on the far left of the photo, the other two instructors on the right of the photo are Dave Irving and Laurie Roe.
    Number 3 and 4 in the front row are Dave Merrington and Duncan Wase and number 7 in the top row is Les Powles other names are on the tip of my tongue number 5 middle row is Neville ?. I will try to remember more names but it was nearly 50 years ago.


    • Those boys where lined up for the finest training available in the known universe! I suspect that like me they where unaware of the quality of instruction they where about to receive…


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