Locomotion No.1: Railway Heritage Wall Art

Artist Zak Newton created the painting of the Locomotion No 1 mural in Bishop Street Car Park.  The car park is within metres of the original terminus of the Stockton/Darlington Railway and the world’s first steam passenger service.

Photograph courtesy of Graham Wright.

5 thoughts on “Locomotion No.1: Railway Heritage Wall Art

  1. Can we have a few people remembering the North Shore Branch of the Clarence Railway, which ran from Norton, past Tilery and the huge staiths on the river. Please? This line did rather more for industry and commerce in Stockton than the Stockton and Darlington. There is a short article about the line in the latest newsletter from the Cleveland Industrial Archeological Society


    • There is an 196th Anniversary Birthday event of the Stockton and Darlington Railway in Stockton High Street on Saturday, 25th. There will be a large marquee with lots of railway related groups and displays all helping to publicise the 200th Anniversary in 2025. See you there !


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