Class 4B, Sheraton Comprehensive c1974

A photograph of Class 4B – Sheraton Comprehensive 1974 (previously Hardwick Secondary Modern). I can remember most names…

Back row (L-R): ??, Kenny Alison, Me (Andrew Beevers), Lee Gatenby, Barry Hall, ??, Ian Hodgeson, ??.

Middle row (L-R): Virginia Bruce, Sandra Cockerill, ??, Andrew ?, Paul Cleasby, Robin Fletcher, David Costello, June Able.

Front Row (L-R): Julia Wilkinson, Karen Derbyshire, Pamela Broadbent, Lyn Broadbent, Mr Storey, Lyn Brown, Karen Denning, Julie Armstrong, Kay Blakemore.

Photograph and details courtesy of Andrew Beevers.

6 thoughts on “Class 4B, Sheraton Comprehensive c1974

  1. I remember Mr. Storey, Mr. Humble and Miss Hillerby. I started at Sheraton Comprehensive in1974 and left in 1979 and was in Mr. Cook’s class for 2 years and then we became Mr. Usher’s class. Does anyone have any photo’s? my name at the time was Catherine Hawkes. I remember Mr Storey’s hiking trips and I was probably one of the slow last ones to finish but I loved those trips and the chance to get away and do something different. What wonderful memories!


  2. Hello Andrew

    Many thanks for posting this picture of my great friend Brain Storey’s class.

    If you went on any of Brian’s hiking trips to Roseberry Topping, The North York Moors or The Dales I will very likely have been at the back of the group sweeping in the sick, tired and injured.

    Some of the other teachers I met on these trips were Alan Hewitt, Geoff Troman, Ian Gregory, Dick Fryer and Brian Humble, the latter I have known all of my life, we lived in the same street as children.

    I don’t know if you are aware that Brian passed away in 2019.

    Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the picture so I can print it out for Brian’s family.

    You can contact me here


  3. Mr Storey & Miss Hillerby (think her first name was Phyllis) were both still teaching at Sheraton Grange / Grangefield School as I later knew it to be called nearly 20 years later when I attended.


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