Rimswell Manor, Stockton

Rimswell Manor, Stockton from what looks like the rear perspective when compared to other photographs found on Picture Stockton. I found this when sorting my late father-in-laws photo collection. Written on the back was “Rimswell, just before demolition 1960”.

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Beevers.

3 thoughts on “Rimswell Manor, Stockton

  1. What a great picture of the rear of Rimswell, the foundations in the foreground are Fairwell Road. Probably no.s 6,8,10,12. The lane that the white car is on used to break out onto Rimswell Road at no 22, it is on my deeds and in my garden. Guessing about 1960 ?


  2. It looks like the foundations for the Rimswell pub in the foreground, the timing would be about right.
    I remember it well as I used to spend a lot of my early teens on Seatons Farm next door, which I now know was called Lyric Lodge


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