5 thoughts on “Saturday Market, Stockton

  1. Why are there comments about the Plaza when the shot is of the Midland Bank in the High Street?
    Have I missed something Terry has seen?


  2. I remember the old Plaza. Had wooden, fold down seats at the back of the circle. Saw ‘Mighty Joe Young’ there. One night, during an interval, a rat came on stage. They put a spotlight on it, and kids threw lollipop sticks and other stuff at it. It briefly stood and stroked its whiskers, then scuttled off, stage left.


  3. Thank you very much Alec for the photo of my former home. From 1947 to 1949 I lived in the top floor flat above the Midland Bank. There was no bathroom. We dragged a galvanised bath tub into the kitchen once a week. I went to Mill Lane Infants School. My Dad worked at Dorman Longs but later moved, for medical reasons, to a lighter job at Robinson’s Department Store. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack in 1951. I moved to the London area when I was 21 but still have fond memories of my childhood in Stockton. My wife, a London girl, has taken a shine to the town. Wouldn’t it be a laugh if now, at 80, I moved back to Stockton buying a period property in Yarm Road near Densham’s Corner and opposite the Blythholme Social Club where my late uncle was a Member. Yes; Stockton is not a bad little place.


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