11 thoughts on “Unknown Event At The Five Lamps, Thornaby

  1. Some fashions never change. I’m guessing the Queen’s visit in 1952. I saw her limo on Linthorpe Road. I was in 1st form at Middlesbrough HS and the entire school was there waving flags. Certainly Five Lamps never seems to change.
    Greetings from California.


  2. I was thinking the silver jubilee but if I remember correctly, it was a warm summer day and the people in the pic are wearing hats and coats.


  3. I believe this was a spectator line for a visit by HRH QE II on her Silver Jubilee 1977. Stockton Borough Council built a ridge of soil, and turfed it, to hide the row of terraced houses set back from the ‘wilderness road’ so The Queen wouldn’t see Thornaby’s poverty as approached from Middlesbrough…


  4. Allison’s comment confirms what I was going to say, viz. that the hairstyle of the chap on the left and the clothes, i.e. women wearing trousers and girls wearing *white* knee-length socks, indicate 70s, so I’ll plump for the Silver Jubilee too.


  5. Once a year on Mayoral Sunday there was a march past the Town Hall by uniformed organisations such as the emergency services, scouts and others. The new Mayor took the salute from the Town Hall balcony. I often felt chilled in my short trousers. Always ended with a church service at St Paul’s.


  6. There used to be a big parade each year when the new Mayor would take the salute from the Town Hall balcony as local uniformed organisations including the emergency services, cadets, scouts and others would march by prior to a local church service. Memories of being very cold in my short trousers


  7. In view of the midi coat and platforms on the young lady at the front, I think that this is probably near the Silver Jubilee in 1977


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