Almost Rush Hour

Cars waiting for the traffic lights on Stockton High Street. I think the car disappearing off the left of the picture is a Rootes Group car, either a Hillman Minx, Sunbeam Rapier, Singer Gazelle, I can’t remember if there was a Humber version. I believe it may be a Hillman Minx. The white car behind it is a the Rover P6.

There is Austin Cambridge, complete with AA badge at the head of the right hand queue. I think the one behind is a Renault 5, then a Vauxhall Cresta followed by a Mk1 Cortina, the next two could be a Vauxhall Viva HA and an Anglia but I’m not sure about either, the one way back is big, possibly a Zephyr or Zodiac.

I also spotted the number 2 bus on its way to the Transporter near the bingo at the Cinema/Essoldo. Also worth a mention is the first three bus stops nearest the camera are for red United Buses. The Darlington to Middlesbrough United bus would turn through the centre island and pick up here.

If my memory is correct, the photography is stood near Rossi’s ice cream parlour. I’m not sure about the date, but the Rover and Austin have suffix ‘D’ registrations, which means they were registered 1966, which suggests this is late 60’s early 70’s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Alex Moody.

7 thoughts on “Almost Rush Hour

  1. Hi. As the high street is still intact on the right (pre-demolition ahead of the shopping centre) this is during the 60s.


  2. Extreme right of picture is part of the frontage to Peter Pells Tailors shop – I worked there in the summer of 1969 & the High Street looked very much like this – I do not remember the cafe on the end of the row as Rossi’s although they may have owned it, in my time it was called the Continental Cafe


  3. Hello Alex
    your almost spot on except the right hand queue at the lights near the junction of High Street Castlegate Bridge Road and Yarm Lane is the left hand queue and the car with the AA badge is a Farina Bodied Morris Oxford the Renault is the Renault 4 not 5 it had the umbrella gear stick in the dash as I bought one when I moved to Essex for work I was brought up in Stockton through the 50s 60s I left in 1972 my Dad worked for Issac Robsons on the corner of Bridge Road and Wood Street I worked at Whitlocks cheese factory in Tynedale Street under the moor tunnel then I was at Hugils Forge, Church Road


  4. The car at the back of the queue is definitely an Anglia.
    Ah, Rossi’s! I never did have 2/6 spare for a knickerbocker glory! Mr Rossi with his gold tooth came round Roseberry estate in Billingham in his van when I lived in Longford Close (1954-64) and always asked if we wanted raspberry (juice) on our cones.


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