6 thoughts on “J4 Class, Holy Trinity School c1957

  1. Just found the following list of pupils relating to this class photo. With apologies for any spelling mistakes!

    Left to right.
    Back Row: Colin Shepherd: Chris Bentley: Keith Williams: Richard Makepeace:
    Michael Gutteridge: Ivor Fox: John Smith: Billy Campbell: Stuart Bellwood: David Clasper:
    Robin Lowery: David Deans: Sandy Kearney.
    Second back row: Robert Hingley: Geoff Smith: Peter Coupe: Graeme Mc Kendrick: Peter Hartley: Peter Close: Raymond Jackson: Philip Trotter: Robert Brighton: Duncan Smith:
    James Horsborough: Denis Proctor:
    Second Front Row: Barry Hall: David Thornborough: David Johnstone: John Walker:
    Clifford Dawson: Brian Wilkinson (Teacher): Michael Riley: Geoffrey Thompson: Colin Seymour: John Lake: Yeoman Beckton:
    Front Row: Jeff Elcoat: Philip Banks: Philip Thorne: Neil Tate: Michael Clark: Lawrence Orpen: David Benson: Ian Kinghorn: Martin Hansel.


  2. I was in J4 the following year and we had Mr. Byrne in the first term before he left to teach Maths at Grangefield. We then had Mr. Sawyer. I assume that Mr. Wilkinson moved to a senior class. I think that the boy in the second top row, far right is Dennis Proctor who lived in Oxbridge. I have no idea what happened to him, although I think he went on to Stockton Grammar.


  3. Colin Shepherd top left, Chris Bentley next to him, Geoff Smith below Chris, Alan Cornfield on the right behind school teacher, Dave Thornborrow second on the left on second row, Dave Benson bottom row third on the right. All these went to Stockton Grammar School.


  4. I was in J4 in 62-63 and Barry Sawyer was our teacher then. I remember playing cricket with a hard hollow red ball! Enjoyable weekly visits to Ropner Park to play football, and dreaded weekly visit to Stockton Baths where I was the only one they couldn’t teach to swim!


  5. I think Brian Wilkinson is the same Brian Wilkinson who was a close friend of my father Allan Thompson. Brian became wheelchair-bound due to arthritis, and lived in Saltburn in the late 1960s.


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