Holy Communion, St. John’s RC Church in Billingham

This is a picture of my Holy Communion at St Johns RC Church in Billingham. I am the blond boy four from the left. The Priest was the wonderful Fr. Kerwick. I went to St Johns from 1975 – 1980.

Photograph and details courtesy of Michael Swinhoe.

4 thoughts on “Holy Communion, St. John’s RC Church in Billingham

  1. I and my family were parishioners of St John’s from 1954 until we emigrated to Australia in 1965, and Fr. Kerwick was the Parish Priest even then!


  2. The holy Communion picture. I remember two priests from St. John’s. Father Kerwick and Father Carey. I don’t think the priest in the picture is either of those two. A younger Irish priest came after and I think he is the one in the picture though his hair was dark in the 60s. Everyone loved him, I’m trying to remember his name.


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