Harry Greener’s Class 1968/69, Billingham Church of England School

I recently found this photo along with some of my father’s documents, which shows the class of that year, for which my father was my teacher as well! (I’ve read some of the earlier comments about him – he seems to have been quite popular!)

I can only identify a few names…

6 Derek Fitzhugh?
7 Barbara Bryson?
11 Stephen Poad?
13 Stephen Wathey?
14 Harry Greener (my Dad)

1 Tony Langford
5 Katherine McMullen
6 Richard Greener (me)
8 Mark Smith

Sorry – no idea

Photograph and details courtesy of Dick Greener.

7 thoughts on “Harry Greener’s Class 1968/69, Billingham Church of England School

  1. I was very interested in this photo as I knew Harry Greener well, but not as my teacher. I went to different school. The photo is exactly as I remember him.
    Harry was related by marriage to my mother having married her cousin. I assume, therefore, Richard, we both have the same great-grandparents as your grandmother and my grandmother were sisters.


  2. I have a number of photos of the Billingham Church of England School classes and teachers from the 1950s, I am wanting to name as many people as possible in the photos for an ongoing project about Billingham schools.

    If anybody can help you can download the images from here:-


    I am particularly interested in the the whole school photo, there are close to 100 pupils and teachers in the photo and I will be grateful if anybody can name any of the people in the photo.

    I think some of the photos have Mr Greener in them.

    I can be contacted at billinghamlad@gmail.com if you want any questions answered.

    Many thanks



  3. My brother and I are on this picture, Steven Hooton is in middle row in front of Mr Greener, I am Julie Hooton bottom row 3rd from the right side.


  4. I attended the School on the Green until we immigrated to Canada in 1954. I was 11 and had just passed the scholarship. Mr. Greener was my favourite teacher.
    Thank you for the picture.
    Margaret Randall


  5. My Dad went to “Greeners” in Newcastle in the 1950s after failing his 11+ … it must be the same Mr. Greener. He loved going to Greeners and eventually got into medical school.


  6. I was 10 years old when I was in Mr Greener’s class in my last year at Primary school which was the C of E (now Priors Mill) at Wolviston Court Estate. I can remember my Dad telling me at the time that Mr Greener was also one of his teachers when he was younger (My Dad made the previous comment on this post).

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  7. Mr. Greener showed me the way. He, later in my life taught me woodwork at a Vocational Evening Class. I was 17 years old and called him ‘sir’ and Mr. Greener. He corrected me politely and said ‘We’re not at school now Brian, please call me Harry’. I was 10′ tall. Thanks Harry, I achieved many things which are down to you.

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