Tees House 106 High Street, Stockton. May 1912

This is an advert for the opening of Stewarts store at 106 High Street after it had been rebuilt. It is also known as “Tees House”. The advert was placed on 10th May 1912, so 110 years ago! It’s still an impressive building and still proudly bears the name of Stewarts Clothiers. It has had several uses over the years, most recently a “licenced gaming centre”, but has previously been home to various clothing chains. Hopefully it can be given a little TLC and put to good use in the near future!

Image and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

4 thoughts on “Tees House 106 High Street, Stockton. May 1912

  1. Got my first made to measure suit there in 1961. Cost £7. Thought I was the bees knees when I went to the Corporation Hall on Friday nights. Great times


  2. This is a very nostalgic image of a building I remember well. I went to Newham Grange School and my Mum used to get my uniform from Stewarts thanks to something called a ticket, I think. The more I look at the images posted on this site the more I realise Stockton is a good place.


  3. Such a beautiful building, built at a time of such prosperity and now in such a sad state, indicative of the sad decline of our town’s once industrial greatness. The High Street was once full of such beautiful buildings. Most were pulled down in the name of progress, only to have carbuncles replacing them. What will we get when someone decides to pull Stewarts down? Possibly another car park, with fewer shop for the car drivers to shop in.


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