25 thoughts on “Let’s Go for a Drive

  1. I’m guessing 1973 – 1974 when I was in mid-teens, Castlegate shopping mall recently completed, people’s dress, cars from a few years before I was let loose in my own mini !
    The Mk3 Cortina and Mk1 Escorts with older 60s cars.
    Curry’s, Littlewoods, the Co-op … the building where the Turner Cinema used to be … the little car park next to the side of Robinsons.
    Stockton town centre has died, and all we have left is nostalgia.
    But to be honest despite still good employment the 70s were harder times, even with simpler expectations …


      • Hello John,

        These films are some I have collected in the last few years, I was putting together a set of films for my school teacher friend Brian Storey, he was going to create a lesson based on the films, but unfortunately he passed away before he could complete his lesson.

        I have sent these films as well of some others, mainly of Billingham, to friends and relations living abroad.

        I thought other people may be interested after the response to your excellent film, which is why I uploaded them to OneDrive.

        In answer to your question my wife to be bought a second hand standard eight film camera in 1967 this was made by a firm called Sankyo, not Sanyo, it had a three lens turret with fixed focus lenses and an automatic aperture setting, it was very good in good light but quite poor in poor light, this was replaced by a Sony digital tape camera and we have had a series of video cameras made by Panasonic since, currently we have three Olympus OMD 10 cameras, my wife shoots mostly video and I shoot mostly stills with additional footage for my wife in video.

        We travel a lot, or did until Covid, and have many hours of video and many thousands of images, my wife does a lot of video editing during the Winter months adding narration and cutting in some stills.

        I have recently been copying some old standard eight and super eight film to digital format for people I know and editing them and adding sound tracks, they are well received.




  2. I remember many moons ago, seeing a film in what was, The Green Dragon Museum, of a journey up and down Stockton High Street. Pretty sure that it was made by Leslie Brown (He of the toy shop). Unfortunately, I was told that copies were not available, nor were they ever likely to be. So sad, as it was a fantastic pictorial history.


    • Spent mostly all my money in there first on toys like corgi cars and matchbox cars along with Lego, and Airfix models. As I got older it was records.


  3. Thank you for sharing this film. It brought back so many memories of the late 1960’s when my Mother bought a wide variety of food here. I use to buy material and sew an outfit and wear it the following week. Certainly the good old days. The last time I visited was 2012 and I was so disappointed.


    • The GANDY bridge, that was the name on the bridge, advertising GANDY friction linings for brakes and the like. I get what you mean David, there is a lot we could have seen had he been able to continue right up to Norton Green one way or down Tanners bank toward Billy Bottoms – I think us silver surfers have our own memories of the areas around and leading toward our aspect of the ‘Original’ town High Street as we remember it.


  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my . . . . . . I can taste those coconut covered toffee apples in my mind. What I’d give to have one (all my teeth now probably) . . . . . beautiful juicy apples, lovely sweet toffee all dipped in coconut. The toffee apple man was genius. Thank you. And thank him for so many enjoyable years . . . .I worked at a doctor’s surgery at the end of the high street so Wednesday was my toffee apple day.


  5. Quality….when Stockton had a high street. Looks like it will have been a Saturday or maybe a Wednesday when the market flourished, were they “good old days” or is it just that I was younger then?


    • A great video of the High Street and surrounding areas and cheers for that.
      A much earlier recording (Film ?) would have really shown the High Street in its glory, when it had real character, a sign of an opportunity missed is how the likes of what was the Empire, replaced by The Swallow Hotel and now replaced again.
      If it were possible to currently have the High Street as it was then, it would be an attraction in its own right.


    • This was Std 8 cine film taken on a clockwork Bolex B8SL camera, max run 30 seconds on a wind. Sorry no more film of cars in the High Street used my film on more important things-steam trains! I think a four minute 50ft reel cost £1.50. I am sure it was a Saturday. It finishes approaching the bridge under the station.


  6. Looks like the 1970s by the cars, when the town absolutely thrived, I was living it up in the YMCA, drinking in the Dovecote, Clubbing in the Inn Cognito and Pharoahs and life was good. Did my clothes shopping at Alexandres Top shop, Burtons and on the Regatta stall on the market. This was before it was ” improved” to death 🙂


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