Photograph taken at Thirlwells

This photograph was taken by Thirlwells photographers who had studios in Stockton, Darlington, Guisborough and Spennymoor. The wording Chirlwell on the photograph must mean Thirlwell… I have no idea who the people are or which studio it was taken in. When I copied it I put Watson on the file name. I do have a Watson Swales on my family tree, he was born in Glaisdale in 1826 and died in Whitby in 1891, but I have no idea if that’s Watson Swales or not. Can anyone show a light on the photograph?

Photograph and details courtesy of Brian Swales

1 thought on “Photograph taken at Thirlwells

  1. Bri. the Credit says Thirlwell. It’s a stylised typeface. The Cap. ‘T’ is not clear but if you bigg’n up the pic you’ll see that the letter ‘T’ is just crossed at the top but curves down into the down stroke.


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