R. Harrison – Joiner and Wheelwright

This photograph was taken in 1921 of Harrison’s joinery, which was behind the Tannery at Norton Green (now demolished to make way for flats). Robert Harrison, his son Ronald and his sons Peter and Bernard ran the business until the mid 1980’s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ron Huckle.

4 thoughts on “R. Harrison – Joiner and Wheelwright

  1. Ron if you do a research into Stockton Archive I believe there is as photo of Ron and some of his men renewing the roof of his house in Collins Avenue, Norton. Also check on WLSU


  2. I recollect one of our Science Masters, at Richard Hind, mentioning that the wheelwright on Norton Green would quench the tyres and the wheels in Norton Duckpond.The tyres are initially forced onto the wheels while red hot. The cooling in the pond contracts the tyre and pulls all the woodwork into a close fit.


  3. Ron,

    Thanks very much for posting this; Robert was my Nan’s uncle. I’m not aware of any other Harrison family photos so this is like gold-dust.

    I haven’t looked too far back into the Harrisons yet, having paused them at around 1805, and have got only the barest of bones on Robert at the moment but I’m happy to share those here:

    1881 born to William and Mary, of Butler St, Norton

    1891 scholar; residence Hallifield St, Norton

    1901 joiner and cartwright; residence, still Hallifield St

    1904 married Ada Green

    1908 son Ronald born

    1911 joiner and undertaker; residence, High St, Norton [27?]

    1921 not yet explored

    1939 joiner and undertaker (Master); residence, 29 North High St, Stockton, newsagents shop [possibly means High St Norton?]

    DoD not yet established

    I haven’t checked Grace’s etc yet for info on Harrison’s Joinery and/or Newsagents of Norton, so if anybody’s got any non-directory info or memories I’d be really grateful to read about them. Thanks in advance.


  4. I was born in 1940 and lived at the Green until 1946. I was a regular visitor to the joinery. I can remember delivering a small stepladder to a house on Beaconsfield Road . I was also a visitor to the fire station and had my own helmet. It was a terrific place to grow up. Several of my family are still there. I visit them when I’m home from California.


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